Welcome to Insurance Payment Company

Insurance Payment Company (IPC) is a premium finance company that provides world-class premium financing plans and services to insurance agents and insureds. As your full-service partner, we provide competitive and comprehensive finance solutions for all of your commercial risks to help you attain and retain your deals.

IPC is operated and supported by a knowledgeable staff with extensive experience in insurance, business and information technology.

IPC Benefits for Insureds

  • Deliver a higher level of service to your clients, while collecting full commission at the time of funding the loan
  • No need to track or manage your clients’ premium payments
  • Cancellation courtesy phone calls are made to your insured to help retain the account
  • Special renewal terms are available
  • Special premium financing programs are available for Garage, Transportation and Professional Liability policies (for qualified accounts only)
  • Access to online quoting, payments and inquiries
  • Financing is available for all commercial accounts
  • Additional revenue generator with our revenue-sharing arrangements (in fee-legal states)

IPC Benefits for Agents

  • Opportunity to deliver a higher level of service while still collecting full commission at the time of funding the loan
  • Freedom from the responsibility of tracking and managing premium payments since IPC takes care of it all
  • Increased time to focus resources on your core competencies – delivering the best in insurance coverage and costs
  • Cancellation courtesy phone calls made to the insured help preserve account
  • Enjoy special renewal terms
  • Benefit from special financing programs for Garage, Transportation and Professional Liability policies (available for qualified accounts)
  • Access online quoting, payments, and inquiries
  • Finance any of your commercial accounts
  • Gain a new revenue stream in the form of revenue-sharing arrangements with IPC, in fee-legal states.

IPC enables you to expand the options your agency offers to clients, allowing you to provide a full range of services – from risk analysis to underwriting to premium funding.

Please feel free to contact us at ipc@insurancepayco.com to help address your requests.